Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I love Tuesdays, can you guess why? 

Tuesdays are my day out. 

Our wonderful baby sitter comes and I go out. 

I go to the post office most weeks. 

I wait in line, sometimes a very long line. 

I mail packages to far off friends and far away lands. 

And sometimes, like today I even get a package myself. 

Sometimes they have surprises, and conversation hearts :) 

I like Tuesdays. 

I get to go shopping- grocery shopping that is! 

I like planning our meals and looking for deals. 

I run more errands if there are more. 

I sit, I think, I rest and write. 

I have time for me. 

I like Tuesdays. 

I come home and chat with our dear sweet nanny. 

I hear my kids laugh. 

I plan their supper. 

I like Tuesdays. 

My husband comes home and changes his clothes. 

Then off we go on our date night. 

We go to a cafe or restaurant. 

We laugh, we talk, we dream, we smile. 

We have time just to sit and listen to one another without the interruptions of little ones. 

I like Tuesdays because they are our special days. A day of rest for Mom and a day for a date or US. 

Thank God for Tuesdays!

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