Wednesday, September 14, 2011


In regards to my long absence I must tell you that having had all my guests suddenly leave I found myself very tired, and VERY sick.

However, much to all our relief it is not a catching sort of sick, but rather morning sickness. Yes, we are now expecting baby 3. I am so happy, but have been doing nothing for quite some time. Lying down seems to help a bit, and so I have done a lot of that the past month.

Finally now at about 9 weeks the morning sickness is beginning to lessen- and I find myself craving things- especially things I can't get over here in LV. . . . Sigh. . . I will have to let the pickles do their trick since I have lots of those.

I am slowly regaining my energy, and trying to get back into painting. So that is what is new on my end. How are you?