Thursday, March 29, 2012

Labor Starters

Here I am nearly 38 weeks pregnant and getting very antsy.

I have been reading a lot about natural labor starters.

I have been walking alot.

I have been praying and talking to this baby and discussing dates with it.

I have been waiting and sewing. I got the top of the quilt finished for this baby.

I have been eating too much chocolate (nothing to do with labor).

I have been taking lots of naps.

I have been considering what two of my friends did to jump start labor: red wine, Castor oil with milk (and sometime vodka). I would skip the vodka on that one. 

Any suggestions for labor starters?  Anything you did?

The Life I Live

Last summer my brother spent a good two months with us. It has been very interesting to see how those two months left such a lasting impression on him and how he liked so much of the natural lives we live here. I guess that after 6 years in Latvia I begin to take things for granted and wanted to share some of his musing with you.

I loved how close to the land ya'll live in Latvia. I'm definitely gonna pick blueberries in the mountains here this year. I was told on good authority that they do grow here. Trying to figure out how to live more like ya'll in some ways. Want my next home to have place for a garden... hopefully a dog too.

Sad how berry pickers and gardeners and fishermen are kinda like "crazies" here... there people actually do it for sustenance.

Here we don't experience the seasons like you do there. We turn on a switch when we need heat or AC... sometimes that's as much of the seasonal interaction that we seem to have. The produce is always in the stores, pretty much the same... just going up or down in price according to the seasons in Florida or Washington or California--somewhere across the country.

Guess I'm saying that you should be thankful for what you've got, just letting you see things through my eyes a bit.

And I should learn to live more like ya'll here, and encourage other to do so. :)

Neighbors... that's another thing I could get going on, where you Latvians are a great example to us.

Monday, March 26, 2012


37 weeks and WAITING. 

I don't like waiting and at this point am so ready to be done being pregnant. 

I am TRYING to enjoy these last days with baby inside. 

Thursday was our baby shower- held by friends. It was lovely. Thank you dear ladies!

Elina had planned some nice activities. Then each lady decorated a block for the quilt I am making for our baby. I am pleased. It will be special to have a friendship quilt for out little one. 

Besides that I made an outfit for a friend's new baby. I whipped this up one day. I hadn't done that much sewing in a while. I am also slowly working on two quilts.

Yesterday we visited some relatives for the day. Fun. I enjoy anything to help pass the time- waiting.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Vacuum Cleaner Phobia

A while back D (my three year old son) was very into helping vacuum.UNTIL he accidentally sucked his sock into the vacuum. he went into hysterics. He ran away and hid and screamed and was very, very difficult to calm.

Since then we found the sock- it only got stuck in the tube. I told him the vacuum didn't eat his sock- he told me it choked on it. I laughed, very true- the vacuum choked.

BUT since that fateful day we now have a major dilemma. Every time I want to vacuum he cries and gets stressed out. He won't let A (2 year old sister) near it (to protect her). He is literally terrified of the vacuum. I want to help him, and be understanding. But this gets a old REALLY fast. I am not sure how to handle this. I have to vacuum sometimes  (only one room in our house has carpet). And it is rare to never when he is out and I am home and could vacuum while he is gone.

What would you do? HELP!Have you ever faced this?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Recipes I want to Make

I keep running across new recipes I so want to try. They look so fabulous!