Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Faith and Life

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. 
Hebrew 11:1 NLT

It has been a hard morning.

My 6 year old boy is so hard to inspire to study. He has homework to do for kindergarten, and cannot get through it withoutt numerous reminders to get on track and focus. I feel frustrated. I feel a failure as a teacher and Mom. I feel I cannot do this and how can I possibly consider homes school when this day has been such a struggle.

It isn't like this everyday. But I hold this up so close and so near that it blocks the light of hope from shining through to my soul.

Yesterday I listened to a great program on Focus on the Family for Moms

I was encouraged and blessed and liked the idea of Bad Mom's Club (listen to the program to know what I am talking about :)

Yet being a Mom is hard. Surviving the store with 3 kids is hard. Doing homework with kids is hard. Homeschool I am sure is hard. But everything is hard to an extent, right? That doesn't mean it isn't worth it.

And so today as I shared with a friend that I was having  hard time and she encouraged me. And as I ran to God time and again, twice with tears running down my face for patience and wisdom; He spoke to me from His word with above passage which I will paraphrase now in my words.

Faith is knowing that what you hope for your kids will actually happen (knowing they will grow up to be godly people, and will be smart, and kind and survive theird education); Faith gives us assurance and hope for things we cannot now see. 

Faith and God together will succeed! 


Monday, October 27, 2014

5 Reasons Silk Art is the Perfect Gift

Christmas is coming fast and as much as we all love that holiday it can be a bit stressful trying to get the perfect gifts for everyone or even a few gifts for those really special people on your list.

I am gonna make your life a whole lot easier by telling you 5 reasons why silk art is the perfect gift this holiday season!

  1. Unique: We all want to find something special for our loved one that they can't or wouldn't just go out and buy themselves, right? A hand painted silk item is 100% original, no one will have one just like it! I specialize in fulfilling custom orders when my customers have a special desire!
  2. Customizable: We all like to have a little touch of personalization on our gifts, something that shows its ours or reminds us of something special, right? Each tie or scarf I paint is able to be personalized not only with names, but also with special dates :) 
  3. Hand-Made: Each of the items I sell is hand painted by ME. I paint these scarves and ties with love while my 3 small kids nap. By purchasing my art you are keeping me painting- literally. The sales that I make help me buy the supplies I need to continue painting as well as are a little source of income for a stay at home Mom. 
  4. LOVE: When your loved ones gets their unique hand painted item they will feel so special. Just imagine Grandpa getting this tie above with all the Kids or Grandkids names on it. It will be his conversation piece and he will be sure to talk about each person whose name is listed on that tie. My customers LOVE their ties! 
  5. Quality: Each item I paint is made with the best quality silk and French Dyes or Silk Paint that I can buy. Your item isn't mass produced or made by a factory but is hand painted, steamed, pressed and followed and wrapped by my own two hands. 
So what are you waiting for?! Order you scarves and ties now, while there is still time for special orders and shipping.

Use the code FREESHIPPING at checkout to save $5.00 or more on your order today!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

When God answers our prayers

I believe in God, and He answers prayers. Amazing, that One so great in splendor chooses to hear and answer my prayers.

I sometimes pray selfishly, "Lord, please do this for me or us. . ."

I sometimes pray for others, "Lord, be with my friend. . . and . . . "

I sometimes pray just to talk to our Big God, " Father, thank you for who YOU are. . . "

I sometimes ask for things, "Lord, if it's your will please provide and give us a dog . . . "

And the most amazing thing is that God always hears and HE always answers! He may not answer the way I want, just like a loving parent. Or sometimes He may answer the way I ask, in time. . . And sometimes when we get what we prayed for we realize we really didn't want that thing. . . But we (I) were not content with praying for God's will to be done.

I was pondering again on the fact that God is His kindness has recently answered some prayers of mine, which when I got them realized I should have left that decision more in God's hands and not have prayed so hard for it to come to be. Yet God, the Loving Father He is chose to let me learn by experience to trust Him more in the future for decisions.

You may wonder what this is that I prayed for, waited for, got and then regret getting.  . . Well it is our puppy.

For a whole year I looked for a puppy of this certain breed. I prayed of course. I trusted and I still looked and wanted and fretted. In the end God did give us just the kind of puppy I had wanted. But then BANG I realized having a puppy is by no means a story book. Having a puppy in my opinion is far more difficult then having a baby or 3 kids. And now as I look back over the last 4 month I realize that probably God had a reason for not giving me that puppy a whole year. But I wasn't content to leave it at that. Like a stubborn child I kept asking and HE is HIS kindness seemed to say, "Ok. Have your puppy. And learn from it, it won't be easy. . . and you will regret it. But I love you, so I will give it to you."

And so here we learn on and as much as we do enjoy our puppy , she is ALOT of work!

I thank God for answering my prayers and thank HIM that through this I can learn to trust HIM more.

How about you, did you ever pray for something and after God answered you wished He hadn't?

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Paisley Yellow Tell's Its Tale

I have decided this evening as my 4 year old and I ironed my silk scarves and talked of our favorites that each of these creations is as unique as a personality. And each was born of a mood, a story, a feeling. And as the emotions come from my brush, they most be told. And so here goes: 

I am the soft yellow of a daffodil petal. The rich yellow of black eyed susans and with touches of orange. I am as sleek and glossy at the richest of silks. I am light enough to brighten your winter wardrobe and remind you that spring WILL come. I am elegant for work and evenings out. I am fun with my paisley print for a fun day out. I am that little accessory that makes you smile because I am bright and blesses your life because I am so versatile. This is my story., your luxurious paisley scarf. I was painted with love and joy (being the favorite color of my creator)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Autumn Collection- Silk Scarves

I am so excited to share with you my latest set of Autumn colored scarves. They are going into the shop as quick as we can get them photographed and listed and now is the time to grab one while you can :)

My favorite, the colors are perfect for this season and I so love this one that if I didn't have another one I just claimed I'd snatch this one up. It is shiny, feminine and subtle!

Some more great scarves!
This one has a very slight defect and is being offered at a special price because of that :)
Love these colors!

This would make a great gift for an expectant Mother or any new Mommy. 
And this one hasn't been listed yet, so if you want this one then message me. I am wearing one very similar to this this season so LOVE how it goes with everything! I tie two corners together and loop around my neck like an infinity scarf. It is so great to wear around the house (our house is chilly right now) and to wear out on the town or running errands. I wear my scarves ALL the time! 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

It's ok to be Different

Everyday. Everywhere. There is this pressure to fit in. to be like those around you. To think the same. To do the same. To act like everyone. Talk acceptably. . .

But I don't fit in. I never have. Trying to fit;  trying to be like others; trying to understand what is right for me and my family when the world pushes us to be like others is SO stressful.

Right now our kids do kindergarten at home. Which is acceptable here in LV. There is a program at a local kindergarten where they go once a week for a lesson and then are given homework. I also teach them an American Christian Program from Heart of Dakota.

But every week or (it seems even more often) I am asked why my kids don't go to kindergarten. Do they go or some other similar question. The pressure to attend, since that is what most do is so STRONG.

Then there is the question of school. Next year our oldest will be in first grade. Most people assume he will go to school. But since I was home-schooled and some know that they assume I will try to do it (since now it is possible here). 

I like teaching my kids. I enjoy seeing their progress. But it IS stressful. I have too many hobbies. I sell my art online on Etsy. Balancing lessons, and art and running a household is VERY tedious, and chaotic.

I want my kids to be involved. But I also don't want them or me (our family) overwhelmed. They need time to be kids as well. Knowing the balance is an art. This year my oldest also started music school. He is learning violin, and has theory lessons. This is good, but another thing to fill our time.

I don't know what is best for our family concerning next year and homeschool vs. public school. There are moments where I think sending my oldest to school would be so easy, and he probably would like it. But is that what's best for him? Is he ready?Is his character established? I know that I would feel like I wasn't doing the right thing when I imagine sending him next year. I am praying hard to know what will be best for our boy. Each child is different and as parents we must take that and our circumstances into account.

I guess when I think of the prospect of keeping him home next year and doing home-school the thing that scares me the must is the pressure and comments of others. Homeschool is not accepted here. Until recently only sick kids were taught at home by teachers. I fear what people will say. I fear the pressure. I fear being different. I fear standing out.

When you live in another culture and perhaps even in our own we long to fit. But when you are in a different country you really don't want to stand out any more than necessary. But lately I have been realizing yet again it is OK TO BE DIFFERENT!

God has made each of us UNIQUE!

If I could just grasp that and if others would too then the world would be a whole lot friendlier.

Somehow yesterday I decided to watch about the Duggar family- they have 19 kids. I had never watched any of their episodes, I had only heard of them. And I have been so blessed, and encouraged by watching and reading about their family. They are godly, they are different, they are AMAZING! And as I reflected on how they raise their children and live their lives and are so very different and in such a GREAT way I was again reminded.

It IS ok to be different.

And it isn't just ok, it is GOOD to be different!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Power of Words

We have a couples Bible that has both text and great stories that make the truths of the Bible hit close to home with their real life stories.

I have always known my love language was words of affirmation. You know- the person who loves getting notes and needs to hear what they have done was appreciated? I'm that sort of a girl.

But the best story I have ever heard on the power of the spoken word is the illustration used in our Bible. It goes like this: (Couples Devotional Bible pg: 1131)

Years ago graduate students at an Ivy League college conducted an experiment. First they observed undergraduates until they found one of the most unkempt, most socially inept women on campus. 

They they drew up a schedule each would spend a month getting close to the woman. They would "happen" to bump into her Beeton classes. They would show up in line behind her in the dining hall. They would call her for lecture notes or assignment reminders. Moreover, when each was "on duty" he would compliment her insights, her clothes, express delight in her voice, her talents , her clothes. 

The first student performed well. In spite of his misgivings he began to speak to the woman, finding ways to affirm her. By the end of the month he found his task less onerous as the young woman started to respond. She smiled occasionally, combed her hair more often, and paid more attention to how she dressed. 

The second graduate student took the experiment a step further. He asked the undergrad out on an official date and spent the month showering her with gifts and compliments. 

The third month there was a new glow about the young woman, and the third researcher enjoyed her company more than he cared to admit. When the graduate students got together to share their experiences and laugh at the "progress" of the victim, the third student had to force chuckles through self-conscious embarrassment. 

The fourth member of the group never got the chance to lavish attention on the young woman because by then she was engaged to the man assigned to her during the third month. What started as a cruel and belittling pastime for the students turned into a love story. 

This shows despite the evil intent at the start that when a person receives positive attention both the one who gives it and the one who receives it change.  Imagine the place the world could be if we started giving, real, HONEST praise to others and who they and we might become!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Chandra Knudsen

So a long time ago I new this little girl with her cute braid, and her big voice! I always loved hearing the Knudsen girls sing and play.

Those little girls grew up and through the years I have always loved seeing where their talents have taken them.

I was tickled pink to hear that Chandra was on TV for an audition and loved getting to see her family (they were always so dear to us) on TV.

All the best Chandra wherever your music takes you. Put Jesus first and let him use you ALWAYS!

Your family will always hold a special place in our hearts!

Monday, October 6, 2014

This Day

With its early morning for tired kids. After a weekend of partying and a late evening for the celebrated girl with a names day. (They celebrate name's days here in Latvia).

When you are trying to get 3 kids fed and out the door and accidentally zip up someones leg in their boot. Ouch. Sorry!

When you feel like you will lose it and are trying so hard to have it all together.

When the weather is just too brisk and chilly and the warmer clothes are still in the attic.

When your kids are whiny because its been that long weekend and they are not at their best for their lesson with their teacher.

When you have stayed up too late and your patience is ebbing and you are trying so hard to be the kind of Mom you want, dream and pray to be.

When you compare yourself, your shop, your paintings to those of all those how have already sold 4-8 things this month and the friend who has 500 sales over the last 2 years when you only have 147 in the last 4 years and you sell the same type of things.

When  you wonder why you compare yourself and try to stop and whisper a prayer asking God to help you. And bless your shop and bless you with sales and even as you sit listing your next item suddenly you sell a item (the first this month). Because God IS GOOD and HE answers the prayers of his children in HIS time and in HIS way.

When your kids are so wild, they are bouncing off the walls and no one wants to concentrate on anything they need to do.

When you finally have a quiet moment to take the dog on a walk and let the wind blow your head-ful of cobwebs away and you have time to think, and train that pesky pup and breathe.

This is my life. This was my day. This little bit of nonsense. This life I don't understand. This sometimes meaningless existence in this BIG world.

And God is in Heaven and here with me, and all are well and at peace in my little world!