Friday, February 15, 2013

Les Misérables -2012. My Review

This film has finally come out in Latvia and my husband and I went to see for Valentine's Day.

He is not a musical fan- so he was a bit skeptical after the first 5 minutes. Saying, "Singing now and then is ok. But singing all the time is just too much. "

I had high expectations for this film, having heard various reviews. My brother even claimed it was the best film he has seen.

After being disgusted by the trailers for other movies I have absolutely no desire to see. (We haven't been to see a movie for at least 2 years or more and the previews were appalling!) I was excited when the film finally started!

My first thought/word that came to mind was "Magnificent". I loved the way the film started with so much power in the first scene.

I found the film to be very moving. I loved the focus on forgiveness- and how the main character was in constant conversation with God through his prayers.

I found the constant singing fine- because as a musician myself I know the power of emotion that can be realized through song and music.

Of course I didn't like all of the film. But in general it left me very well satisfied and pleased that at last a film has a main character having an amazing life change and a relationship with God. The power of God is this man's life is seen throughout the movie and I liked that!

The one thing I didn't like in addition to some scenes was how many close ups there were during songs. When it just focused on the singer's face for an entire song that was a bit odd.

I am now really wanting to read this book. I like it when a movie gets me so curious that I want to read the original version.

So what was your opinion on this film? Did you see it? 

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