Monday, February 4, 2013

Mask Ball

The days leading up to my husband's huge work party were full of fun experiments making masks. I got some great ideas online on how to make masks. And made about 10 in the process because I started having so much fun experimenting. The kids loved having masks of their own too. 

We had a wonderful evening in our disguises- and I was pleased my husband agreed to wear the hat. He was rather skeptical on that one. But his colleagues didn't even recognize him in this get-up and he lots lots of compliments. 

Having never been to a mask ball it was an interesting experience- I have no idea what they are normally like. But we had fun on our evening out as a couple- and that is what counts, right?! We even got to put to practice our dance steps we had learned this Fall in our dance lessons.

Have you ever made a mask for a mask ball? I would love to see photos! 

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