Friday, February 18, 2011

Coffee Nut & Honeysuckle Girl

I really love this scarf. It is for each of you who love coffee,every coffee nut out there. I know we all love sitting in in the laid back atmosphere of a coffee shop. This is for all of us, who delight in slowing down, and smelling the coffee. . . or the tea.

I can paint a scarf for all those tea lovers too. . . oh the ideas are already starting to dance in my head. Just drop me a line and your scarf will be on its way into existence.

New Designs

The kids are sick and this is keeping me from my painting. I am now a full time nurse and waiting eagerly for the fevers to break and health to be restored.

I failed to post my most recent creation due to being so busy, but that will come later. Check out my shop and enjoy :

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Butterfly Tropical Fantasy

I just finished a fantastic wrap, with which I am very pleased. It is so very colorful and so much fun. I would love to wear it myself. and maybe I shall! But what would a girl do with as many scarves as I have?! I could make beautiful curtains with scarves. . . Hmm. . . maybe I ought to try painting some curtains for my living room. Here are a few photos.

Monday, February 7, 2011


The first necktie I ever painted was for my husband-to-be. I now have painted so many ties I have lost count. I love painting one of a kind ties for men. These make fantastic gifts, and are a fun way to say, "thank you" or "I love you." I would be glad to paint a special tie just for your special man. I gladly accept orders. Wedding orders are also welcomed for larger parties, just drop me a line.