Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's a Party- 5 Years on Etsy

My beautiful cousin. 

Five years ago today I opened my shop on Etsy. It has been a blessed 5 years. This art on silk has been my therapy on days when I was stressed out and needed calm as a Mommy of 3 young ones. 

Etsy has been a place for me to grow and learn from other artists around the world. I have made new friends and come so far in this journey of art and online sales.

Thanks to each of you who has stopped in, in my shop and perhaps even bought something. You guys have been the ones to keep me painting and dreaming!

In honor of this special celebration I have a sale going on until the end of the week- use the code 5YEARS at checkout for $5.00 off. 

And to add to the party you can join in this giveaway!

Thanks for the best of times! 


  1. I would probably get the Spring Green Butterfly scarf...or maybe something custom made :-)

  2. I like something blue, like the peacock wedding scarf! Lovely things!

  3. I like the Art Nouveau scarf! Such detailing!

  4. I like the Spring Green, and the Silver, and the Yellow Scarves. They are all so beautiful and made with such craftsmanship! :)

  5. Thanks everyone for your nice comments and taking part in my special celebration giveaway!