Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Devotions Together!

Six years of married life my husband and I have sought for way to study God's word together. We have stumbled over each wanting to read in our language. We have read aloud in Latvian and sometimes in English. We have tried a daily devotional and every time we have given up after a short while. Always going back to reading alone and only praying together.

I had been in search of something that would guide us to study the Bible together and not just read a devotional. Devotionals are good for some- but they leave me wanting more of God's word.

At long last we have a found a solution for us! A Bible intended for couples!

I found this Bible while home for the holidays. I almost didn't buy it because of the high price, and my gift certificate being just too small to cover the large sum.

BUT I reasoned with myself that if we would finally start to read together it would be worth every penny!

This has definitely been worth the price. Things I love about this study Bible:

  1. It doesn't use dates, but only days of the week. So if we get behind we don't get stressed. 
  2. It has passages that are manageable in length so we we have time to read and discuss. 
  3. The questions get us talking on topics we normally don't discuss. 
  4. The stories are actual for married couples. 
  5. The weekend special assignments with fun ideas for dates. 
I could go on and on about how much I love this Bible.

As a cross-cultural couple we are able to each read the passage quietly in our native language. Then I translate the questions for my husband and the story as well.

If you want to get this cheaper buy it online- and not in a bookstore. I could have saved at least $15.00 that way.

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