Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Shows and Fairs

In the past month I had my first intro into the word of art fairs and craft shows. I will elaborate on this later with pictures, etc. But I am just musing tonight on how different each can be. My first two were as I now see in retrospect very good.My last two were total bummers.

I have no idea what makes a good one. Perhaps the last two were to close too Christmas. Perhaps my products are too fancy for this area. The one show had perhaps done too little advertising.

With my first failed attempt at a show I was really, really down. I had really had my hopes on making some money before Christmas- money we needed to get by until we get back home. It took me a long time to get my attitude straightened out.

The second show I did which also didn't produce any sales was fun. I really enjoyed visiting with the other vendors. I even got a nice pitcher in a trade from the Tupperware table. So even though I again made no money- thus going further in the "hole" it was still a fun way to spend a Monday evening.

I have learned a lot through these 4 shows. I still don't know what people like best in my shop. That seems to just be determined by the crowd.

Anyhow- in honor of my first  4 shows, I am offering a special coupon code good for 40 % off one item in my shop. Offer expires Dec. 20th at NOON.

Use the code 4SHOWS at checkout for this discount.

Thanks for being a faithful reader on my blog and a friend!

My shop Silkiness

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Coping with Life

As the whole world reels at the murders of innocent children I find myself in a black hole of emptiness, sadness and hopelessness. 

Every event I attend, ever gift I spend looking for in a public place is accompanied by a wariness- and an expectation of dread. 

As would be joyful songs blast around me I find myself spirit anywhere but full of joy this season. 

As I put my children to bed, and caress the face of my baby tears stream down my face. I ache with every mother who lost a child and the nightmares that haunt her every breath as she sees her child'd last day in her mind. 

I fight disgust in the pit of my stomach over the evil in our world and the depravity that allows people to do acts of terror. 

I fear for the future of myself and my family- never knowing what may face our next day. But my fear is not of death, for I fear not to meet my life Giver face to face. 

What do I fear then, I ask myself? The fear of the unknown? The fear of not knowing who would raise my children? The fear of not knowing who they will become?

And somewhere in all my whirling emotions I have this strange feeling that perhaps it is better to escape this life while young and still innocent. At least if my children died young I would know they ended up in heaven and I would see them there. Perhaps that sounds morbid, and I don't mean it that way. It is just sometimes I so fear the evils of this world and how I can possibly raise godly children in it. I am sometimes so dragged down by the darkness that I fail to see that I have the Light walking with me and all I need to do is let Him again shine brightly into this dark hole call I life in and give me peace in all this mess. 

I don't need to know where I am going in this dark life I cannot understand. I only need to trust that He is leading and trust that He will carry me through every nightmare I might face. 

Oh Lord, 
help us this day to find our hope in you! 
Be with every family in sorrow this day!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fremont Newspaper

So excited for this write up in the Fremont Tribune. Thanks Tammy for the great write up, you did a lovely job!