Friday, November 13, 2015

One Choice can alter the World.

This morning I was taking my son to school- we left in a timely manner and I anticipated arriving on time. I hate being late.

But someone elses choice effected the lives of all our city today.

Driving through our town requires crossing train tracks in one of two locations. Our planned route was blocked by policemen by the tracks and completed blocked with cones. I have never seen this sort of barricade in the 10 years I have lived here.

So every car heading into the center was rerouted to cross the other tracks- which resulted in very slow driving and everyone being late for something. A normal 5 minute drive (with no waiting for trains) ended up taking 30-40 min.

I dropped my son off late and headed back towards home. Because one crossing was still closed everyone was trying to get through the only open crossing- thus making for lines that were extremely backed up and with the delayed train schedule we were stopped due to crossing trains and slow traffic for another 30 min.

I was glad to reach home after the usually 10 minute journey taking me an hour and wondering what had occurred at the train tracks to have backed up an entire city all morning.

I later learned from the news that 2 women were seriously injured when having ignored the flashing lights and signal they crossed the train tracks. Their car was struck and pushed 400 metres before the train stopped.

How sad!

How sad that a seemingly small choice would cause such pain for those involved and their families and without their even knowing it they would cause frustration, rush, delay and annoyance to an entire city in the morning rush.

How often we fail to consider the results of our choices and worry more about the moment.

Jesus, be with these ladies injured so severely. 

Help us walk in wisdom today- not knowing the repercussions are decision may have on today and eternity.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My sister- the best one in the world!

My sister. 

From the day you were born I have thought of you fondly. 
Every girl needs a sister and I have YOU. 

I know growing up I was mean at times- not including you in my play or with my friends. I know older sisters can be bossy. Sorry. 

You have always been different and because of that I have admired you. 

What I feared you found most fascinating. (like end times, and Revelation, and anything having do do with spiritual battle)

What I ran from you greeted. 

When I buried my head in the sand like an ostrich you sought adventure. 

I have always loved your curls- actually I have envied them. But they seem to me as if they are a visible sign of the person you are. 

You have always been a spitfire. A bubbling, singing brook of a girl and woman. You have sass. You have fire. You have passion. You have talents quite like no one else I know. But those unique set of talents and gifts make you who you are! 

There have been days I envied your freedom- to be you- to be free- to let go of inhibition which can be so imprisoning. 

There have been nights when I cried for you. 

There have been days when you cried and prayed with me with a wisdom beyond someone your age should have. 

You have driven me crazy and made me laugh harder than anyone else on the face of the earth. 

I am so thankful to call you my sister- because of having the best sister is the world I wish I could gift my daughter with a sister- like you. 

But God gives sisters like you to only some girls- and I was lucky enough to be one of them. 

So remember I will never grow tired of your craziness, or accompanying you in song, or laughing or traveling, or shopping (even for candy) with YOU. 

I LOVE YOU you wild haired woman! 

Embrace yourself and love the person God made you to be with all that wild side- because you cannot change it any more than you can change those curls on your head which God gave you! 







and when you  need a hug

I am waiting!