Monday, January 10, 2011

The Process

The art of silk painting is an exciting, yet sometimes terrifying experience. Relaxing and tense. . .

To begin with a piece of white silk is stretched in the frame. Then I draw the design I wish to paint with outliner also known as resist. When this is dry I begin to carefully paint inside the designs I have drawn. The scary part here is that if a line was not make thick enough it will not contain the paint and the paint will spill over the edges of the "wall" I painted. I must always be careful not to use too much paint and to make good lines (walls).

When the painting is exactly the way I want it to be then take it out of the frame. I then iron the silk on the reverse side very well to set the paints. Then I rinse the silk to remove any residue restoring the silky feeling and sheen to the silk. I NEVER wring the silk, this would produce a stonewashed effect. I handle it gently, and with the greatest care and respect. My paintings are masterpieces and I like to treat them as such.

When the silk is nearly dry I iron it again to have it look the best, then I take photos and put in my box of beauties to away their next proud owner.