Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just Sleep

It seems the nearer I come to the end of this pregnancy the more tired I become. I know this is normal, but still it is so burdensome.
There are still so many things I hope to get done:
  • scrapbooking
  • quilting
  • painting

But sometimes the urge to sleep is so overwhelming that I simply cannot resist. I guess I need it.

I am rather discouraged too of late at the lack of sales in my etsy shop. It makes me not feel like painting so ardently as before. Besides my silk supply is running low and until I get some sales I cannot buy any more.

So if you see less of me around here, I may be sleeping or resting.

33.5 weeks pregnant.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Toddlers ????

As a Mom with two very active toddlers, ages 3 1/2 and 22 months I am sometimes so short on patience. 

  • How do you get them to eat, and not asked to be fed or just dream away and not eat? Our older boy is worse about this than the younger child. 
  • How do you get them to be quiet at nap time? Especially the older so that the younger can sleep? I feel ready to pull my hair out some days on this and finally just put the older in a different room so that he can be noisy and she can sleep. Maybe he does not need naps anymore. But I need them now (at 33 weeks) pregnant. OH HELP! 
  • How do we teach our children to pray? And to want to pray? We show them by example, but our older doesn't want to even try to pray aloud? Why? (Dad- Mom, were we like this?)
The wisdom and patience required of parents is beyond anything I could have imagined. I can only marvel at the great job my parents did in raising us. Thank you!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

First Birth

As I prepare for the birth of our third child I want to take some time and reflect on the other two home births I have experienced. Here is the story of the birth of our firstborn son. (As written in my journal).

June 17, 2008

During the night I started having contractions or cramps. And have been having them ever since at irregular intervals. 

We were of course awake early, though I feel I barely slept. It is hard to sleep between 10 min. pains. J was very excited something has finally started happening. He has been very thoughtful, doing all he can to make me comfy and help around the house. He is cleaning a lot, he wants to get everything ready. 

It is so hard to understand if this is the real thing,  yet it seems I have been trickling water.

It is rainy. I had imagined it being sunny when our child was born. But I have come to understand that the sound of rain is very relaxing for me. 


Our midwife is coming. Thank God she is free. Contractions are more frequent and stronger. Let everything progress smoothly forward. I can't believe we are going to have a baby and be parents so soon. 


Our midwife arrived about 20:00 and listened to the baby's heart beat.  During the night my contractions continued and I endured them in various poses. Sometimes I leaned on J, other times I knelt. Our midwife worked on her computer, listened to the heartbeat now and then (it was strong), suggested poses etc. 

About 2 a.m the midwife went to sleep for a bit. J also fell asleep, only to awake with a start and announce he must drink some coffee (which he hardly ever does ) 

About 5 a.m. I wanted to go outside. Both J and Rudite our midwife were asleep. I pulled on rubber boots and went out, but everything was wet with dew and it was cold so I came in again. It was sunny, but wet. 

About 6 a.m. J and I ate a little. I ate toast. He held me on his lap during the contractions, I was kneeling. He read aloud to me from the Bible at some point. He kissed me and tried to help however he could. He even gave me a manicure. 

At some point I went in the bath to relax. 

(During the course of all this I vomited 3 times from pain). 

Somewhere during the late morning Rudite checked and said I was nearly fully dilated. They started making preparations for birth. They put pillows down on the floor so I could kneel more comfortably, etc. Rudite said she would come when I wanted her, she wasn't just going to watch. ( I liked that). 

At one point I had such a painful contraction that I wanted her back. She had me lay down to rest. A contraction started, I wanted to stand up- but felt I couldn't. When I did the baby started coming down so far that it was extremely painful. I guess this was the beginning of the pushing stage. I really started screaming.

During this stage I mostly sat on the toilet, which was covered. Each push or bearing down was so painful. I couldn't help screaming, "God, have mercy. God, help me. " Rudite came at one point and reminded me he was helping me- and to thank him. (I was very thankful for this later). She told me this was a transition to motherhood. To think of my baby. 

I felt I'd split in two. My body itself would push forward, but I would try stopping it so as to be stretched slowly. Rudite had said the baby would come down and then go up a bit. It felt like he just was coming down and then would stop. 

She came and wanted me to tell her how far the baby was. I could feel a bulge. She was pleased and wanted me to move to the bedroom. It was hard to walk at that point. I knelt by the bed and with a few more pushes he was out. Oh, the relief of feeling the pressure ease when he slithered out. 

He was placed in my arms, blue at first but quickly becoming pink. I looked and saw it was a boy. I then asked J if he knew it was a boy. He was surprised. 

When I needed to stand to push the placenta out I felt faint and as soon as it was out they helped me quickly into bed. 

Our son was born, very small, but healthy. 
He was born at 38 weeks. 
He weighed 2470 grams and was 49 cm. long.
June 18, 2008

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Etsy Newsletter Feature

This is the most important feature I think I have ever had on etsy. I am excited to see all the new views and feel honored to have been included.

Check it out here: 

Carnival Extravaganza


Yesterday in all my baking flurry I suddenly wanted bagels. I know that I had subconsciously been wanting them for some time. Every time I purchase cream cheese I wish I had a bagel.

I decided that since my oven was hot I would make bagels too- they are quite fast and easy.

I coated them with sesame seeds, and some of them have garlic on them. They are so very delicious. 

Funny how something so simple can make a person so very happy. Somehow bagels remind me of home and my family and especially my Dad. He likes bagels too. My husband has no memories or fond associations of bagels. He doesn't even care for them that much. 

Bagels also remind me of my college days. On the rare occasion that we would make a run to the grocery store we would often stop for a bagel. I loved  eating warm EVERYTHING bagels with garden vegetable cream cheese. 

Oh bagels. I love you. Thanks for making my day a little brighter and reminding me of home.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's Birthday Party

So a while back I was chatting with our nanny and suggested we have a birthday party for her at my house. It had been a while since we had had a girl's night with the girl's from church- and I suggested something really girly.

She was immediately all for the idea and I was surprised to hear she had never had that sort of a party for herself- with just friends invited to celebrate her.Her birthday is exactly on V-day so I had tons of ideas and inspiration on how to decorate and make things special. 

We wanted to do a number of things: 
  • spoil the girls with manicures, hair styling and make-up
  • make them feel special with delicious food
  • have a part where we talked about godly relationships
  • have good food 
  • send something home with them to help them remember the evening and  God's plan for godly relationships. 

I had the idea of making cookies on a stick and adding Bible verse. So I made these and I was very pleased with the results. Normally I don't like sugar cookies (because they are just too plain)- but frosted with white or dark chocolate they were delicious!

The cake I made for the birthday girl. Dark chocolate with layers of almond meringue and a rich dark chocolate frosting. 

Hair time.

For the snacks for more spoiling I make milk shakes that were pink and then a bit later we had chocolate fondue with fruits, pretzels and small sugar cookies. YUMMY! The girls loved this!

After we had eaten and they had been pampered we played "Things" for a while. Then we closed with my sharing how God taught me to be alone when I was in college and be content in HIM. 

The girls helped cleaned up afterwards and we finally locked the door at 11:00 PM. It was a long evening, but lovely. I was so pleased to be able to have a such a special party with the girls. 

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day? 


Tuesday, February 14, 2012


In my search of a perfect place to have my baby I have considered three options seriously. (These are in no particular order).  

A home birth: Like the first two times. In truth I cannot imagine any other way because this is the only way I have experienced birth. It is so soothing to be in the comfort of ones own home.
  • BUT I don't want my children at home while I have my baby- because I scream during the pushing stage and  don't want to scare them. And I don't want them to have to spend the night elsewhere because that is hard on them and me since I worry about them. I found this true the first time around when I had to send D away for the first time in his life. 
  • Price 500 lats or  $936.00 /This includes 1 home visit before birth and 3 home visits after birth.

Birthing Clinic: This is like a private, very small hospital. Where you are allowed to birth as you choose (not on the table).
  • BUT the rooms seemed small to me and even though it was quiet since they only have like 4 rooms for women and it isn't too far away 30 minutes- it still feels like a a hospital. 
  • Price: 450 lats for midwife, plus paying for each night in a room and food. In all it would cost more than a home birth.
Birthing House- "Harmony": I had heard this place was like a guest house and really wanted to see it- especially since my midwife recommended it over the Birthing Clinic. Over the weekend we went to see this house and I really, really liked it. The house was airy, bright and homey. They have two bedrooms for women and a very nice, big corner bath. I would like to try birthing in water this time. I like the idea of my husband and I getting away for 3 days with our new baby and having a mini-vacation. They also have "cocoons" knitted for each baby and they are so sweet. I loved that idea as well.
  • BUT it is a 1 hour drive from our home- so a bit far. However, the situation is truly love.
  • NO food provided because each person is so different in their desires. However, they have a furnished kitchen and you can get something at a local store or order at a cafe. 
  • Price 500 lats or  $936.00 including the 3 nights. 

These are the options I am considering at present. I would love to go with the third option. But I wonder if I would make it in time and would know when to leave home. I am always so unsure if my labor has truly begun.

What would you do? 

Clay Pregnancy Art

In the book I am reading, "Birthing from Within" there are a lot of assignments on birth art and preparing for birth by exploring ones hidden feelings through art.
I have really enjoyed the assignments in both drawing and creating with clay.

The drawing ideas were those such as:
1. How I see myself as a pregnant woman.
2. How do I envison birth.
3. My fantasy for this birth.

When I got to the clay assignment I was a bit more skeptical because I had never worked with clay. I chose white clay and followed the directions of trying to see what my hands would create and not forcing something.

I like what I came up with and hope that these will remind me to be open during birth.

This woman is big- just like I feel and she is shaped like a bell. The bottom is empty and I would like very much if I could turn this into a bell. But am not experienced enough to know how. I like the idea of being open like a bell and giving off a beautiful sound to the world through my birth. A bell is something that is loud, strong and open. I need to be open and strong during birth so I can let this 3rd baby out without the pain I experience during my first two labors. 

Many women talking of opening like a flower to let their baby out. I like that analogy and wish I could see birth so peacefully and beautifully. I wanted something visual to help me with this and so created this baby being born of a flower.

Have you ever done any pregnancy art? What helped you during birth?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Two Ravenous Mice

Tomorrow we are having a Valentine's Day/Birthday Party at our house.

Today was baking and cooking day and I was baking up a storm. In the morning my kids played very nicely together and stayed out of the kitchen. A huge blessing when they are 3 and 1!

After nap time where they both did not sleep they were in a different mood and wanted to be in the middle of everything I was doing. Which at that point was finishing decorating the birthday cake. I felt like I was combating two overbearing, hungry mice. They wanted to taste and snitch and help everywhere. A was eating sprinkles off the pan, D was trying to help decorate the cake and lick the spoon which didn't yet need to be licked.

Ugh. . . working with kids in the kitchen CAN be fun when it is intended for their pleasure. But when it is for a party and everything needs to be nice and as perfect as possible;  and one is already tired and stressed. . .well that is another story. In the end all ended well and we finished the cake and cleaned the kitchen.

I am so pleased with the cookie pops I made for the girls when the go home. They look lovely. . . more to follow when this party will have passed and pictures will have been taken.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Perfect Valentine

Whenever I hear about people sharing their most romantic Valentine's memories or experiences I always think my husband's tops them all. (I know I am a bit prejudice).

Our first Valentine's Day together- when we had been seeing each other for several months happened to be one very snowy day.

When my English lessons had finished for the evening he wanted to take me somewhere. He drove to the only local park and parked at the bottom of the big hill where there is a long stairway to reach the rest of the park. He then had me wait in the car for what seemed like a VERY long time- maybe it was- I think it was at least 45 minutes.

FINALLY he came and had me join him for a walk and WOW was it ever worth the wait.

He had run all over the park with its fresh blanket of snow and put candles everywhere. The paths were lighted with candles. . . just for me. It was the most romantic thing. I felt like I was walking in my very own fairytale or romantic movie.

When we reached the frozen pond he had written "I love you" you in the snow- this was the first time he "told" me he loved me and it was very special.

I will never forget that lovely evening and will always know he is a very romantic man despite what our sometimes overly busy lives allow.
This is now 6 year ago, before we were married and had 2 1/2 kids. But we still try to make time for each other. We celebrated V-day early this year because our nanny's birthday is that day and we didn't want to have her work on her birthday. We went out to a very nice Italian restaurant and my husband surprised me with a sweet card and a vintage style perfume bottle similar to this one. I have always thought it would be fun to have one.