Friday, February 22, 2013

It all started with the cauliflower . . .

I was at the grocery store searching for normal things, some of which were vegetables. I had just rejected the cauliflower despite the good price-- its look left much to be desired. 

An older lady approached me and asked me if I speak English. These thoughts crossed my mind in an instant, "Whoa! Me, English? How did you know? Do I look that out of place here?" But I said, "Yes, I do. How funny you should ask, since I'm American."

We discussed produce, she wanted to know why I rejected the cauliflower and which vegetables were better. 

Turns out she and her husband are here from the STATES house-sitting for 5 weeks. 

I gave her the rundown on local produce and other produce I myself was buying which I considered a good price and good quality. I was so so happy to help a fellow citizen.

It was so random to meet Americans in the produce department. Such a God thing that he turned her eyes to me and had her ask ME if I spoke English. It was so much fun to speak English to someone ( I don't get that often over here), and so weird to have a conversation in the grocery store. I realized after that that Latvians are quiet about their shopping  :) 

It is interesting how if one meets a fellow countrymen thousands of miles from home you feel as if you are immediate friends. 

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