Friday, August 23, 2013

When I was a little girl

every Sunday was spent in church and Sunday school. Being the daughter of a pastor makes that a given.

We learned many Sunday school  songs and those still stay with me and from time to time I wish I could teach them to my kids.  But the just stare and watch how I sing and do the motions. My little girl sometimes tries to join in. But other times they just tell me to be quiet. They aren't used to going to Sunday school- even though our church does have it. We don't send them since it is during the service.

Sometimes there are days when my brain is a muddle. When I can't seem to understand which direction to turn and how to move past the uncertainties in my mind.

Today I had a hankering to listen to some Sunday school songs. So I turned on Grooveshark and found some music. When the song came on "Whisper A Prayer. . " I was calmed.

I realized that God can use a little song to remind me of the fact that He is in charge of all this confusion in my brain. He is good and He is God.

Thank God for parents who took me to Sunday school and for the foundations that were laid in my heart to guide me today.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Whole Wheat Bread & Minestrone Soup

Feel like spending some time in the kitchen? I made some bread and soup today and they were lovely. 

What have you been up to lately? 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mom vs. Kid and Chocolate


These are the chocolates sometimes made in our house. 

 Mom eats them like this: 
  • takes it. 
  • eats it
  • thinks, "I shouldn't have eaten that, I don't want to get fat."
  • feels- guilty
Child eats it like this: 
  • gets permission to eat ONE after having finished food. 
  • bites top off, revealing filling. 
  • thinks, "Wow, what is the white stuff inside?"
  • asks Mom, "Hey, what's in this?!"
  • Mom answers. 
  • says, "HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. That is so yummy."
  • thinks, "Can I have another one?!"
  • feels- happy
 How do you enjoy your sweets,? 

I think I had a sweet reminder today :)

My Garden

 This was the first year I had a "need" to have a flower garden. Though the plot had been waiting for some years now for its use - this year was the year that it called my name.

Last year I planned the herb garden and had a few pansies. Sad things they were I now realize when looking back at photos.

In my mind I have an idea of my perfect garden and how I will feel there and the lovely things that will grow there.

But I have a few problems- the first being I have no flower growing experience. So this year I bought lots of various seeds and planted them- so I would know how the seedlings are to look. I realized too I need to get to know flowers and find out which ones I like. Sure I know the basics like, petunias, pansies, marigolds, etc. But who knew that foxgloves were extremely poisonous, i only found that out after I had one growing in my garden- and let me tell you I got rid of it FAST!

I have just realized I don't have any very good photos of my garden when it was at its peek- now things are starting to dry out and it isn't as lovely as before. But here are a few photos. 

Here are a few artistic photos of the garden :)

I really enjoyed getting lots of flowers and growing lots of them from seeds. I have learned alot about flowers this year and made some new favorite flower friends.

Looking forward to next year when I can keep on learning and slowly adding to my perennials.

What are your favorite flowers?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Design a Tie

Recently someone requested me to paint a tie to match their dress for a formal occasion.

Here is the tie with the dress photo she sent me. . .

Are you in need of something special to match  your dress for some special occasion- lets chat on what you are looking for.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Burnt Out- and other thoughts.

There has been an incredible lull in my writing here, I know. 

But if I were totally honest I would have to say it is because ever since I got "burnt" in my business I have been reexamining my desires, my talents and me. 

I have done a little painting. 

I have done ALOT of canning of produce from our garden. Thank God for a bountiful garden. 

I have enjoyed sand and water with my family- the kids love the seashore. 

I have enjoyed catching up with friends who are back in town. 

I have enjoyed watching my baby learn to stand and delight in his accomplishments.

I have done lots of thinking on homeschool and the education of my kids. 

I have been reminded of who I am, the talents I have and the things my God wants from me. 

I have pondered, thought and dreamt.

I have heard tales of my long ago Latvian relatives and seen photos of my great-grandfather that are over a hundred years old. 

I have lived and cried and been me. 

I have realized I am a recluse and I don't know how much I will be writing here until my mood changes. I would rather live my life in secret and delight in the little things of everyday life in private.