Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wedding Neckties
 If you want something as unique as your gown for your groom and groomsmen then check out the hand painted silk ties in my shop. 

These are some of the ties I have done for special orders and some for other weddings.

What are your colors?

Your design?

Contact me today by clicking on one of the photos and going to my shop.

 Peacock Necktie. Purple Passion. Hand Painted Silk Necktie. Wedding Peacock. MADE TO ORDER

Silk  Necktie- Turquoise Peacock Hand Painted. Carnival Colors.

Little Known

Lately fame and big sales, and such have been on my mind.

Sometimes selling on the Internet one feels like they need to do more to be found, and to have thousands of followers on FB and to regularly tweet, etc.

I sometimes ask myself if I want to be known to the world.

The truth is that, no, I don't.

I like sales, I like selling on Etsy.

But I don't want to have 10,000 followers on FB or have my name known.

I really don't care about all that stuff even though sometimes it sounds enticing.

I like to be little old me, making occasional sells, being a Mommy and the world to this little family I have.

I prefer the little known to the world known.

How about you?

Friday, February 21, 2014

Baltic Seminar- Peteris Sprogis- Lecture 2

Knowing the grief that this man has gone through and seeing him lead despite great personal loss grants this man great credibility in my eyes.

What spoke to me from his lecture on mentoring. . .

Don't worry so much how you raise your kids. They will become like you anyway. Raise yourself.

Leaders who finish well:

  1. Make time for renewal
  2. Practice Discipline
  3. Have a learning posture
  4. Have mentors

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


There are days when inspiration is non-existent. Then what?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Baltic Church Conference- Bill Hybels

Friday I had the opportunity to attend the Baltic Church Conference. It had been years since I'd been to a conference and I was excited to hear some great speakers, in English (my language).

I was really touched and reminded of a lot of good things and my calling, etc. I thought I would try to share some highlights of the things that most spoke to me.

I was honored to finally get to hear Bill Hybels- he is so famous in the US and I had never heard him.

I was challenged by the fact that the most difficult person we will ever lead is ourselves.

The last couple of years I have thought alot about discipline in my life and how if I want my kids to have discipline in their lives I have to have it too.

Bill shared some ways he does a self check-up every 30 days to see how he is doing at leading himself. He shared some of the questions that he asks himself as a beginning to get us started in what we could ask ourselves.

Those questions were:
  1. Is my calling sure: Sometimes the only thing that keeps us in "the game" is our calling and the fact that God has not yet released us from that calling. 
  2. Is my passion hot? An inspired person is 40% more effective than one uninspired doing the same job. Inspiration is a feeling and it is our job to keep ourselves inspired. 
  3. Is my character conforming to the image of Christ? 
  4. Is my pride subdued? 
  5. What decisions am I making consciously that are tethered to the subconscious? 

In addition to those good thoughts he also talked about the fact that we are most effective when our "bucket" is full.

A full bucket in ones life looks like this:
  • just back from vacation
  • great relationships with family
  • on track on our diets
  • properly caring for ourselves
When we are "full" we make fantastic decisions and can accept the ups and downs life throws at us.

BUT when we are empty we are:
  • easily irritated
  • impatient with others
  • hard on the people around us.  
It is our responsibility to keep ourselves full. We have to know what those positive steams of energy are that keep us full and do them: Ex: reading, adventures, exercise, healthy eating, seminars, etc.

It was a great lecture and even though some things may have seemed simple they were great reminders. My friends and I had a laugh over the empty bucket sounding like "tired mom syndrome." Moms so often are running on empty and it is hard to get filled up. We, as Moms need to take time to fill up ourselves too for the sake of our husbands and kids and ourselves!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hope Chest Bear

This is the story of a bear who some years ago was lovingly tucked away into the hope chest of a young maiden. 

The young maiden believed that one day she would share this Teddy bear with her children. The bear was so sweet, and cute. She just knew her kids would love it and it would be treasured and toted about. 

Years past and the bear stayed safe and clean tucked between the other items waiting when she would start her own home and family. 

Eventually the young maiden married and started a family and so baby number one got to "have" this Teddy bear. 

Unfortunately he was replaced when another was gifted to the baby whom the baby seemed to like much more. 

Two more babies were born into this family and the Mommy thought one of them would love the Teddy- but no one did. 

Eventually she decided that perhaps this Teddy would be better off finding another home since none of her three offspring loved him. 

And yet, she grew sad thinking of parting with him. . . remembering how he had been tucked away in her hope chest with such love and longing for the babies she would one day have. 

And yet she knew that one must get rid of things one doesn't need and so she took a photo of that cute Teddy, wrote his story and sent him off into the big wide world. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day

Whether you love or hate this day to remember someone you love- even if it is just yourself, here are some of my favorite things for Valentine's Day.

I love pretty cookies any time of year and loved making some like these at work. Link.

Inspired by love beautiful quotes I painted a couple scarves with the LOVE theme. 

Red Ombre Silk Scarf. Heart Scarf. Love Scarf. Hand Painted Silk.. foulard de soie 

Inspirational Gift. Love is as strong as death.  Love Scarf. Hand Painted Silk.. foulard de soie

And whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or not it is always nice to share you love with a friend, sister, Mom or even yourself. . . 

So in honor of love and to spread the LOVE- I offer to you a coupon valid in My Etsy SHOP for 20% off your favorite silk love by using the code LOVEYOU at checkout.

Offer expires Feb. 14, 2014 at midnight. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Children's Libraries

Growing up it seems we went to the library a lot. I have always LOVED libraries, and kid's libraries is the States are so well stocked and so interesting.

I have extremely fond memories of checking out kid's books a child, youth books as a teen and of course adult books, not to mention films. Here in Latvia I have yet to see a library with films- sad.

I am very thankful that our town does have a children's library- with a nice selection of books in Latvian for the kids.  They even have one, very small part of a large shelf for kid's books in English.

I was wishing that I had an American children's library at my fingertips. I would read LOTS of books to my kids. (At least I think I would) As it is we do read a lot from our children's Bibles in English and we do read the books we have in English. But still. . . no harm in wishing I guess.

One thing that makes not have a library here that carries books in English easier is that my Dad reads to the grand kids over Skype. They love that, though the picture quality isn't always the best, it is something they can enjoy doing with Grandma and Grandpa.

So- let's be thankful today for books in our languages, libraries and special moments together.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

When it's all said and done. . .

I am a people pleaser.

I have always wanted to do my best and make everyone around me happy.

Tonight as I dragged my weary self from work (the work I love) I felt defeated- again. I wondered if I had done a good enough job and if my cakes will be delicious and right, and hold up. I wondered if I remembered to do everything I was supposed to. I wondered if I had parented correctly. I wondered and wondered. . . And when I looked at myself I was displeased- always expecting better of myself.

I realized all of a sudden that I will never please all these people. These sinful people, just like me are always pointing their fingers and finding faults. I realized that no one will ever be pleased with me entirely. I realized that parenting will always have its moments. . .

But most importantly I FINALLY realized that all those things, and opinions don't matter. If at the end of my day I could ask my Lord, "Did I please you today?" And if I were to hear Him say, "Well done my daughter." That would be enough, completely enough.

For in this big world people will always find fault with me and what I do- and I need to accept that. I will always make mistakes now and again. But what is most important is whether I lived THIS day to the honor of HIM who made me. Did I please HIM? Did I live the way HE wants?

If so, then that is enough.

And when I lay my head down on my pillow I can breath a deep sigh of relief; knowing that He who made me loves me. He who created my unique talents and details accepts me. And HE will help me live each day for Him, if I will just ask.