Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter's Flowers

A little reminder to myself to see God in the little things. I posted this 7 years ago during my first year in Latvia.
February 6, 2006
Hello Friend
Do you ever just wake up feeling down? Today I did just that. My room was cold, the weather has been frigid and when we don’t heat during the night by morning everything is freezing. It was hard to get up today. 

As I walked to the train station I was delighted by the sparkling snow God was "sprinkling" on the earth. While waiting for the train I got the chance to examine the snowflakes that were landing on my black coat. 

They were superb, each so intricate. I was amazed at God’s design, his care to the tiniest details. Usually I don’t have the chance to examine the forms of snowflakes. Even the ones the sizes of a speck were shaped like tiny flowers, with six little “petals.” “Winter’s flowers,” I thought to myself. 

How creative God is. He could have made snow be shapeless little blobs. But instead each one is so beautifully shaped. How thorough God is, in all of his creation. 

My heart was reprimanded; surely God was also with me. I had been feeling down, and alone. But God had never left me. He was with me all the time, caring about the little details of my life, if I would just see him. God who has designed the snowflakes, and given shape and beauty to ones barely visible, he also cares immensely for me and the events of my life. Thank God for his lessons that he is always teaching us.

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