Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What would you do?

What would you do if you lived half way across the world from your family? 
What would you do if your children were young and their only living grandparents lived on the other side of the ocean and their cousins were seen only every few years? 
What would you do if you dreamed of making another trip to your home country BUT you didn't have enough income to save any?
What would you do?

Would you?

1. Give up and just accept the fact that phone calls through Skype must suffice?

2. Make a fund for people to donate to for a visit- but that seems weird.

3. Try selling more of your creations or making a deal that for every $100 dollars given the giver gets one scarf or tie- then the givers are gifted for their kindness?

4. Go get a job- what about the 3 young ones at home?

5. Sell your car? But how would you get the groceries?

What would YOU do?

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