Monday, June 18, 2012

Real Life- Company

I love company, I really do. I love having guests, and visiting and serving them.

But I am human and I get worn out.

Today I was exhausted, this is the third day of celebrating in our family. Today is Daniel's 4th birthday.

Friday I spent preparing the cake, attending a birthday cookout and grocery shopping at two stores.

Saturday I spent decorating the cake- with 3 failed attempts and one final success on the lion cake. As well as the other party food. At 16:30 the guests started arriving and including babies we had apx. 30 guests. It was a great time having a kids part (more to follow soon on this).

Sunday Karlis Benjamins was dedicated and a prayer was said for him, us, and his chosen godparents. Then we had a nice lunch with them. As they were leaving Janis' sister came with two of her girls.

When everyone was gone I wanted to get some exercise, so I rode my bike to the store. I was trying to choose a cake for Daniel (we always take a cake to the person in the morning, to sing and wake them up). I was sick of cake, and decided he would be more happy about watermelon. So I carried a 10 lb. watermelon home in my backpack. Whew!

Today I work up early, eager to sing to Daniel.

I was tired and grouchy when my husband went to work, it is so much easier when he is home. I was snappish with my 2 year old- she is so messy sometimes. I was impatient with my fussy kids- who are also worn out from so many missed naps.

Finally I sat down in the bathroom and cried, and asked God to help me and change my tired, selfish attitude. I watched the cloth diapers swirling round and round in the wash- realizing how when I have this nasty attitude I am just as nasty as those dirty diapers. After a quiet time with God and the washing object lesson I was ready to continue facing my world.

Life is not easy as a Mom, but it is full of much joy. The problem is I get so overwhelmed with the piled up messes after a party and the normal work of everyday life that I just have the feeling I am going to flip. I have to remember to STOP, and let God be in control of the extras in my life.

As I meditated on Philippians 4 today, the verse that spoke so plainly to me was:

And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will GUARD your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus

Wow, do I need that kind of peace as a Mom that guards my heart and mind from the worries of my life. Thanks be to our God that he can provide that peace!

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