Friday, June 29, 2012

Other Than an iPOD

I want an iPOD- the reasons are numerous. But my top reasons are: 
  • to record my baby's monthly achievements and be able to show him later in life.
  • use Skype to talk family an ocean away. 
  • listen to music
However, my husband thinks I don't need one and that I should get something better IF I were to get one- because iPODs don't support flash, etc. Besides, can we really afford it?

Needless to say I have been brewing over this, as days and cute moments pass unrecorded for future enjoyment. Today I was suddenly reminded of the things I can do WITHOUT an iPOD. 
  • I can write more in my baby's journal- recording his sounds, emotions, and attitudes. 
  • I can become a better writer by learning to capture all of these special moments with words rather than with a video camera. 
  • I can learn to observe more deeply and with my heart. Recording these precious moments where they will never dissapear- in my thoughts and mind. 
  • I can write letters to my loved ones and use snail mail, who doesn't love a real letter? (Not much time for this hobby though). 
  • I can write e-mails. It seems FB is replacing good old-fashioned e-mail.
  • I can use the radio. 
  • I can think and pray in silence or sing :) 
  • I can learn to be content with what I have (even when wanting something new, modern and perhaps even necessary).
How about you? How do you to deal with all your wants and unmet desires? What is your key to contentment?


  1. What a good story, Elizabeth!
    I don't have an iPOD, but I have recorded the first "conversations" and songs of my daughters with photo-camera (the quality is not professional, but cute enough ; )) and made pictures of them. . . and had a diary too. Just a few days I read about the "games" of 1-month old - a "sky breast", "a hidden breast" etc. . . OK, I am probably not able to express it in English, but I had a good laugh ; )))

    1. Thanks for your comment Maria. I just enjoyed looking at and reading your blog! Lovely!