Monday, June 11, 2012

Old Flames

There is something about old flames that seems to make it impossible to completely rid them from ones heart. 

You think they are gone for good. You don't even want them back. But a dream, or a word or a post and somehow that sparks a little flame. 

Not the flame of desire- but that of pain or remembrance and memories.

You think you have forgiven them. You think you have moved on. You have your life, your kids, your love. 

But something about the pain of rejection or betrayal never seems to completely die. 

You think you have left the past in the dust, completely covered in floods of unseen tears. And yet there is a place in your dark heart that wants that fool to know how he broke your heart. 

You don't want pain for another, and yet there is a longing that one who claimed so great a love and fled would come and ask pardon for what he did. 

Yes, its all been said, all the talks and notes and nights cried through. 

But does that jerk know he broke my heart? Does he know the nights I cried? Did he even care back then? An apology would sure be nice! 

Now the flickering can subside, now my piece is said again. Laid to rest neath the space of time.

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