Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This Scary Box

I have a box in my house, full of wonders, fun and terrors. This box is calm, this box is quiet, this box is nothing that would cause you pain- it seems.

But today I looked in this box, I was horrified by what I saw in it; they were creeps and guns, murders and sickness, horror untold- pain abounded.

I closed it fast, surely this is not MY box I thought to myself. It seemed to laugh its ugly head in my face and scoff in my face, "You thought I was so harmless, you thought I was quiet, just give me a chance. Mwaah!"

My mind revolted, how can I protect my children from this box, how can I let them see the good things in it while at the same time avoiding all these evil! And what will they find when I am not with them, will the find the bad or the good?

I grew cold just thinking of the hidden depths of this box, the evil seeming to clench me in its icy grasp. But then my positive thoughts kicked in and I remembered how this box helps me in so many ways, helps me keep in touch with far off family, helps me run my little business.

Oh deary me, what's a body to do?

I am very tempted to throw this box right out my window- just like my Grandma wants to always do in frustration!

BUT. . . would that solve the problem?

My children will find these boxes in other places, in their schools and in their friend's homes. What am I to do? How can I teach them to look at the good and run from the evil? How can I guard them!

Thankfully my kids are still young and everything that comes out of that box passes through my hands and eye of approval.

But, what about me? Am I keeping far enough off from this sly voice that woos me into its dark depths? "Just one more page, just one more minute, just one more note it softly croons in my ear."

Eek! I don't want to offer my life to this idol box, I don't want to sacrifice my time, my creativity, my relationships and myself to this creeping, scary box.

Then the warrior cries out in my heart, "Be free, take guard, run while you can!" And I stop, stand up, and take my leave.

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