Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Nothing seems to happen quite like you planned it when summer is here.

The time of guests, long and short and ones that pop in at any time.

A time of laid back lazy days and quiet moments spent in the sun and by the water.

Grilled meat, fresh salads, the smell of charred food and marinades.

Long afternoons spent in the kitchen-pickling, canning, preserving and freezing.

Evenings in the woods- gathering mushrooms and berries.

The sweet sticky pot merrily boiling as the jam thickens and bubbles.

Too little time in the workroom, no sales and a list a mile long of other things to do.

This is summer.

I love it, and even as I love it I long for order and the plans of a scheduled life style.

But this is summer and the warm days are few, the rainy days in abundance at present and the evenings ever so long.

I will enjoy it, every minute of it and use this time to eat the freshest bounty of my garden and earth.

This is summer.

Treasure the moments.

Every moment with my children, every burst of sun through the clouds.


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