Monday, February 13, 2012

Two Ravenous Mice

Tomorrow we are having a Valentine's Day/Birthday Party at our house.

Today was baking and cooking day and I was baking up a storm. In the morning my kids played very nicely together and stayed out of the kitchen. A huge blessing when they are 3 and 1!

After nap time where they both did not sleep they were in a different mood and wanted to be in the middle of everything I was doing. Which at that point was finishing decorating the birthday cake. I felt like I was combating two overbearing, hungry mice. They wanted to taste and snitch and help everywhere. A was eating sprinkles off the pan, D was trying to help decorate the cake and lick the spoon which didn't yet need to be licked.

Ugh. . . working with kids in the kitchen CAN be fun when it is intended for their pleasure. But when it is for a party and everything needs to be nice and as perfect as possible;  and one is already tired and stressed. . .well that is another story. In the end all ended well and we finished the cake and cleaned the kitchen.

I am so pleased with the cookie pops I made for the girls when the go home. They look lovely. . . more to follow when this party will have passed and pictures will have been taken.

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