Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nap War. . . or. . . Wow, God!

Lately my 21 month old girlie has been giving me a taste of the terrible twos. The one who always went down for a nap without a fuss and fell asleep like a dream has now taken to standing up and being noisy and just plain NOT sleeping.

My 3 1/2 year old goes down for a nap/quiet time. He didn't sleep a single day this week. But I didn't expect him to.

I have been really worn out lately. It is usually when they nap that I can relax and paint or take a nap myself. These last two days I have wanted to nap- but no luck. How can I sleep when they aren't?

Yesterday I got so frustrated with them. I wonder if it is worth this struggle. I finally put D in a different room and A finally fell sleep at 16:00 rather than the usual 13:30 or two.

Today was looking to be a repeat of yesterday. It is in times likes these I am very aware how much I need God's wisdom and guidance and PATIENCE as a Mom. I separated them much earlier this time and had D go downstairs to sleep/rest. He NEVER sleeps down there, but at least then A can fall asleep. She cried and carried on. I went and gave her a hug and told her I would be right here and that it was nap time. (Aren't I always here?) Finally, she fell asleep! Whew!

I had set the timer for D because he wanted to play with toys in bed and I had said he needed to try and sleep for 30 minutes and then I would let him play quietly in bed. When the timer went off I went to check on him and I was astounded to see he had fallen asleep! Wow, God! Thank you!

So my stressful afternoon has now calmed. The Giver of all patience and wisdom has overcome.

What do you do about nap times?

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