Saturday, February 18, 2012


Yesterday in all my baking flurry I suddenly wanted bagels. I know that I had subconsciously been wanting them for some time. Every time I purchase cream cheese I wish I had a bagel.

I decided that since my oven was hot I would make bagels too- they are quite fast and easy.

I coated them with sesame seeds, and some of them have garlic on them. They are so very delicious. 

Funny how something so simple can make a person so very happy. Somehow bagels remind me of home and my family and especially my Dad. He likes bagels too. My husband has no memories or fond associations of bagels. He doesn't even care for them that much. 

Bagels also remind me of my college days. On the rare occasion that we would make a run to the grocery store we would often stop for a bagel. I loved  eating warm EVERYTHING bagels with garden vegetable cream cheese. 

Oh bagels. I love you. Thanks for making my day a little brighter and reminding me of home.

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