Monday, September 22, 2014

Where to stay with kids near Palanga, Lithuania. Vienkiemis Hotel Review.

In looking for places to stay for our trip to Lithuania I stumbled upon Vienkiemis. I liked the reviews I saw on and that it was child friendly.So I made a reservation- directly through their site.

We were more than delighted with our stay there, and if you are ever near the area with kids then you MUST go there.

We were there off season, but it looks like the kind of place (by the size and attractiveness) that they are crowded during summer.

I liked the rustic look of the buildings and was delighted by the elegant room we had. (We stayed in one of the apartments  ) I have in fact never stayed in such an elegant looking room/apartment (and I have stayed in ALOT of hotels). I loved the room, and the sitting room next to it where we played chess in the evening on a gorgeous chess set.

The food was yummy, and we had some nice meat filled potato rolls- traditional food. (Though the ones we had down the rode on the corner on the way home were even better). Breakfast was lovely and filling.

But the best thing by far was the collection of kid sized houses- just like a children sized village. There was a windmill, a church, a school, a root cellar, a mill and all manner of other small buildings. Our kids absolutely loved it and went over the whole village the first evening and the next morning. They also have a cute mini-zoo.

If you want a place where kids can chill and play after a drive to the area then this is THE place to stay!

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