Wednesday, September 10, 2014

When Life Gets Busy

You know the feeling as a Mom of wanting to be busy, to have your kids involved? You know you long to go somewhere and do something? But then, life starts filling up and you get so busy you feel you are just running, all the time?!

And then you think, "Whoa, I wish I could have my boring life back. And have time just to BE and live." and not just run, run, run.

With the new year of school comes new lessons. My oldest two kids have a lesson with their teacher once a week which is a nice time for them to work on their Latvian, and prepare D boy for school.

D-boy has also begun music school. Today was his first day and as I sat there watching him learn to hold the violin and learning and singing and interacting with his new violin teacher I was happy. Then he has his music theory class with 6 other kids and despite his reserve in the beginning he had a blast with the motion songs and games they did. I was happy to see my boy interacting and enjoying music.

Then there is the prospect of swimming lessons and with all these new opportunities come lots of new homework, and running and waiting. And my youngest has finally got the case of the terrible twos and is a totally strange grouchy boy instead of his happy normal self.

Life has gotten so busy I feel we are in constant motion and I feel I won't last long at this pace. I need to have quiet. I need to have time to be still and stay home. I need to keep my "nest" in order for it to function.

How precious are the days when lessons are few and we can stay home and do our home-school lessons and just enjoy being homebodies. How thankful I am for this new and busy phase and the talents God has given my kids.

I watched the new movie Mom's Night Out and would recommend it for any Mom and especially for those with young kids who feel they "going crazy." I find myself feeling that way nearly every day, so believe me I know how you feel. This movie made me laugh and cry and reminded me of my focus as a Mom.

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