Monday, September 15, 2014

If I Were Superstitious AKA A Bad Day

If I were to believe that things happened according to fate and such then this day would have been one of those. . .

It seemed an especially fine day and the kids even all woke up early- which was a plus since my kids had to be at their kindergarten lesson early.

The car windows were foggy and the defroster wouldn't work.

There was no where to park near the kindergarten.

I left my kids and took a walk with my 2 year old and went to a resale shop. We had a peaceful, uneventful time.

When I went after my 2 older kids 2 hours later I thought their teacher seemed sad or troubled. I asked how things went and she told me D-boy had had a bad day. He wouldn't read. He wouldn't listen. He demanded games and when she wouldn't give him any (my 4 year old perhaps was doing one while he worked on his reading) then he was angry. . .

I could see from his attitude he was in a rebellious mood and the teacher  seeing me try to cope with my 3 kids said she hoped I'd be able to handle him. I said, " Oh, I will! "

 I was disappointed. I was embarrassed. I was sad.

Everyone wants their kids to behave. To respect authorities. To be good students. To do their best and be model pupils.

I gave my boy a lecture. I told him he had made us all sad. I told him this behavior would mean no Legos for the rest of the day unless I saw some repentance in his attitude. I also told him he needed to go apologize to his teacher. We talked. We hugged. We almost even cried (he is so much like me. When he finally realizes he has messed up he feels so bad about it. Once the anger is gone).

And so he went back and told his teacher sorry.

I know that might seem kinda weird to some. But to me- if my kids hurt each other at home or are unkind they must make things right. To me, for him to realize the enormity of his wrong he had to go and make it right with her. If I hurt someone's feelings I can't rest until I make it right and I want my boy to respect the feelings of others. A teacher is not just an educator- but a person with feelings and when our students misbehave it makes us feel badly as teachers (NOTE FROM EXPERIENCE )

The day moved on. We got lots done. I've painted 2 scarves today and my kids and I worked up lots of apples.

Yet the poking and proddings of many whiny little voices still pile up to make me feel frustrated and like a balloon ready to explode when my husband asks me something that seems to me even a little negative (the final pin to make me pop).

And so I went out to walk the dog and talk to my Jesus and vent and pray.

And in the end God sets all right in my world. Because He is Heaven and He is Good and He is ALIVE!

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