Saturday, September 20, 2014

Maybe this is love. . .

Maybe romance isn't about love at first sight or those sweet nothings in your ear- like you see in the films. But maybe it is that faithful love that keeps your husband coming home day after day, and loving you no matter how you look, act or feel.

Maybe it's not about being the best at everything (ideal Mom, superwoman) But maybe its letting the love you have and the simpleness of each moment shine forth and make you be the best you were meant to be at that moment.

Maybe love isn't butterflies in your stomach and candlelit dinners like it used to be. But maybe love is when your husband keeps working a job he struggles with,  providing his family's daily needs.

Maybe love isn't like the books or the movies or the dreams you'd imagined of what it would be. But maybe love is when you are tired and needing a quiet moment and your husband is willing to give the kids their baths and put them to bed so you can just clean up the kitchen in peace :)

Maybe love isn't all our culture cracks it up to be but rather boils down to those little things our men do every day. Not those things they do in the movies- like rescuing the fair maidens, or saving lives, or spewing out poetic language. But maybe love is . . . .

-when he changes the diaper of the 2 year old who comes to the table stinky so you can stay in your seat.
-reading his Bible alone, so he grows in God's wisdom.
-bedtime stories to your kids- making him such an ideal Daddy.
-pancakes he makes on Saturday morning.
-long chats at the table when the kids have been excused.
-supporting your hobbies, even when they are messy and seeing your talent (even if your art keeps you from having a perfectly clean house).
-filling up your car with gas.
-hugs and unromantic pecks on the cheek :)
-being an unchanging rock of support and advice.
-helping us say "no"when we have said "yes"too many times.
-listening to our rantings, and not offering solutions.
-just being

Maybe love is so much more than the fairytale romance women dream up and the romance they long for their husband to envelope them with.

Maybe love is just these simple little things all stemming from that deep, rich love that grows over time. It's like deep pools that only the light reveals as these daily rays shine forth to show what lies beneath.

Maybe love is just this, this day in and day out. Living our boring lives in their monotonous humdrum and learning to be kinder, gentler, and stronger as we are immersed and hammered and drowned with real, hard, strong LOVE.

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