Monday, September 8, 2014

A Letter for my God-Daughter

Dearest Marta,

You probably barely remember me now that you live so far away, but I wanted to take this moment to write you a little letter.

Today you are 3- Happy birthday sweet girl!

You have been special to me since before you born because I somehow felt like I was more a part of you coming. I got to meet the midwife when she came to your Mommy's when she thought you were going to come. I was pregnant with my 3rd baby and felt like I needed something different. I was tired of being afraid of having babies. And your Mommy inspired me that having babies could be easier- she was my birthing hero.

We were so happy that God brought a girl to our dear friends- because these sweet little princesses from heaven are ever so much joy to their family's.

We were honored to be asked to be your god-parents and pray that you will grow to be a strong, godly woman.

Did you know your name means "lady" or "bitter?"

Marta in the Bible was a women who worked hard at home, caring for her home and those she loved.

Be sure to always put Jesus first- be HIS woman and make time for him daily!

We wish this 3rd year of your life to be full of joy, and that you would not be fussy more than necessary. Listen to your parents and be obedient! 

We love you!

Your Godparents

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