Saturday, October 5, 2013


As Autumn blows the cold winds from the north, turning the leave golden so change blows our way. 
My brother has arrived to carry away his bride. 
And even though we are expected to rejoice my heart mourns. 
These blowing winds are too hard, these changes are too big. 
This dear girl who has cared for and mothered and loved on my kids for 3 years is leaving. 
Change and wind, leaves and time all are blowing together in a wild storm. 
I hate change. 
I hate saying goodbye. 
And the truth is that deep down the wind, and changes of a life moved and transplanted far too many times aches.
I don't want to lose any more people, my people are all too far away. 
I hate this blowing wind that shoves us about like the colored leaves to all the corners of the earth. 
And I know my perspective is bleak. 
But this is my life. 
In the silence of a my tired brain, with the wind blowing confusion over me.

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