Monday, October 7, 2013

In the Present

I have this problem with living in time that isn't mine. 
Expecting and waiting for people coming. 
Longing for days that were long waited for. 
Tomorrow my parents arrive from the states. It has been a year since they saw their 3 grandkids.Sad. 
I rejoice knowing we will enjoy this time. 
Yet, I grieve knowing that it will be gone in a breath. 
9 short days are so little when we know not when we will see them again. 
I have lived here since 2005, and it only gets harder being so far. 
But thank goodness for a God, and faith and One who reminds me that I must treasure THIS moment. The future isn't given to us, but each new day is a blessing from our great God and how I need his help living in the present. 


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