Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Children - Part 1

Each of these little lives God has entrusted to me are full of such unique character and amazing differences.

And as I watch them grow and wonder at their individuality I see over and again that God has blessed me with these three little people to grow me, and teach me about HIMSELF. IF I will only let Him work in my stubborn, selfish heart.

Our firstborn is now 5 and half. He is tender hearted, emotional and creative. He made me a mother and was the first one to test my patience and faith. And now as I see myself raising him , I realize that I expect a lot of this little man.

I have always expected perfection of myself- even though I know I will never be perfect. I have always tried to play by the rules and do the right thing.

And I see as my teach my boy at home, and go with him to school preparation, and train him that I expect perfection of him as well.

Lately, God has been reminding me through all kinds of circumstances and lessons that I MUST accept my son for who HE is and that he IS perfect as he is without attaining perfection in behavior, academicsor anything else.

This boy of mine is the tool God uses to teach me that perfection is not required, of me or of him. 

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