Monday, October 21, 2013

Gone Again

The last weeks in my home have been a flurry of guests, baking and wedding preparations. And as the long awaited grandparents came with suitcases full of gifts and foods from home we all were blessed and surprised.

Then came the wedding cake preparation with 2 solid days of baking and decorating for my brother and his bride (our nanny).

The wedding came and went and the couple vanished into thin air, as all newly married couple do.

We had a few down days with my parents, the kids had time to get sick and then they too were gone.

And as I tidied up today and slipped back into the ho-hum of everyday life as a Mom of three I felt amazed it was all past.

It is hard to believe that having waited so long to see my parents they have already been here and are gone again- who knows when we will meet again. Rather sad, really.

And yet the hours spent pouring over gifts they got, and playing together and laughing together has made memories and brought us closer and refreshed the idea of grandparents in the mind's of my children.

And so we are thankful for this little snippet of time spent together in the vast days of a year gone by and look forward to seeing you again when God deems best. 

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