Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Good Baby Sitter

If you have ever had a good babysitter, nanny or whatever you want to call her, then you know how dear she is.

For the last 3 years we have been blessed with a babysitter that has been a part of our family. She started coming when our middle child was 6 months old, and has grown with us, loved with us, and perhaps even cried with us.

And now as the time comes for her to leave us I realize that it is very unlikely that we will ever find anyone who can replace her.

I know that there are good babysitters,but I want someone who will pray with my kids, and talk to them about Jesus. I want someone who does crafts with them, like painting- cause Mom avoids the painting because of the mess. I want someone who is never to grown up to play with my kids.  And someone who loves them for who they are, and doesn't belittle them.

Our dearest nanny/sitter has done all of this and more.

As I face the fact that this extra pair of hands and an extra heart in the lives of my kids is going to be snatched away I could just cry. We live an ocean away from any grandparents, or close relatives. We have no free babysitters/grandparents and we are pretty much all on our own in the way of help.

I can't even begin to express how thankful we have been for the nanny God blessed us with these last years. She has blessed our marriage by letting us have times to go on dates and even celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in Rome.

She has improved the Latvian of my kids by talking to them and playing with them, and reading them TONS of books.

She has helped them grow in character by enforcing rules and being an example of Jesus to them.

Thank you our dearest nanny for being a second mom/grandma/aunt to our kids these last 3 years :)

We will miss you more than you ever know.

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  1. heart-warming story. I really hope you'll find someone with so much love and devotion for her work and for your family.