Sunday, December 28, 2014

That woman is blessed!

Do you see that woman, the one with the long brown hair? She seems worried too often, and yet seems to be trying hard to put her trust in Someone bigger than herself. Did you know, that she is blessed? 

Do you see that woman being pushed down the hospital hall way to the operating room? She is scared! She has never been in the hospital before and facing the removal of her appendix is frightening, but will be the means of restoring her health! Do you know what? She is blessed! 

Do you see her now laying on the couch, home from the hospital and gazing at the tree with her 3 young ones and dog milling about and tears in her eyes because she is home and knowing she is blessed! 

Do you see her now, standing in front of the fridge, wondering what to eat because now for one month she is on a strict diet to let her body recover? She feels a bit blue about missing out on the holiday foods, yet she feels blessed knowing this is the start of a healthier lifestyle that God chose to make necessary for her. 

Do you see her now feeling kind of badly because she can't bake up her storm of cookies like she usually does and wondering what to give to friends and slowly accepting that sometimes no gift is required and realizing that the greatest gift is YOU- JESUS! 

Do you see that woman with a husband who can fix anything and who uncomplainingly serves, works, fathers and loves his family and has been her best friend these 8 years? She is blessed and she knows it as they celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary in the ho-hom of everyday life. 

Do you see that woman, painting from her messy little work area, trying to create beauty and share it? Do you see her there, wondering if her art will sell and if it will bless anyone the way the creating of it has blessed her? Do you see her agonizing over which pictures to list and how to best describe her items. Does she know HOW blessed she is to get to use her hobbies and work a bit from home? 

Do you know how blessed you are dear one? I do! 

I am that woman that God has chosen to bless with His smile. 

- - - 

Thank you for your prayers everyone who knew about my surgery! 

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