Monday, December 8, 2014

Keeping it Real

Christmas is fast approaching. The kids are waiting in anticipation for the 24th when they know we will open gifts.

Every day is a rush to live life- get homework done, fulfill my commitments, decorate, and somehow try to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.

But there are these moments when we all melt down. My kids refuse to listen and stubbornness and sinful attitudes reign. I grow sad and weary as I try to teach my young ones that disobedience is neither effective nor pleasing and try to speak truth to their young hearts. Yet sometimes even this fails and they glare back with belligerence in their eyes and I wonder, "How do I keep their hearts tender?"

I love this season of expectation. I long to make our home festive with decorations and prepare for the season by passing love and joy to those around me. Yet, I feel that something different is required this year. I feel like I must readjust my life and not get swept away by the tide of culture.

And so I stop and ponder and wonder how to "redeem" these dear old traditions and make them into something that turns our hearts towards heaven and the real reason we celebrate.

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