Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thank God for Family

Today my cousins headed on in their journey and I felt sad and emotional as I walked away waving to them on the train. Having family visit me here in Latvia is so rare. I felt honored they came- honored they took the time and the money to spend 10 days of their lives here.

We had marvelous times, hope to post photos later on that. We had fun talks and a great photo shoot as you have seen of late.

But I just want to take this moment and give thanks for family, and friends. I want you and me to be more thankful and appreciative when we have those we love near. I want those I love to know how I miss them living so far away and how I treasure every way you show you remember me even though I live an ocean a way.

And I want to tell you guys- Joy, Matthew, Daniel and Cody- it was so fun having you here and I am going to miss playing Scrabble with you all and our nice chats. Safe travels!

And thanks for sharing your talents with us :)

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