Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Walks with Kids

Autumn is fast approaching and with the cooling of the weather and the near daily showers it has become very Fallish out. With this change comes warmer clothing and the fact we would rather stay in than go out. But kids need fresh air, as do puppies and Mommies. And so now and then I try to convince my kids we ought to go on a walk.

However, they'd often rather play Legos, or pretend together than even think of going out. Being desperate the other day to get them all out of the house I knew we needed to take going outside to new level and so I thought, "a nature/treasure hunt would be just the thing!"

I did a quick Google and found some great sheets to print and then with these in hand and lots of excitement in my voice I told my 6 and 4 year old we are going on a walk, it will be like a game, you get to find all these things on the page. And guess what, it worked! We were out the door as soon as we were all properly dressed. And there was no complaining about going home sooner or tired legs. So excited!

Playground Hunt Treasure Hunt

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