Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Golden Day for Her

What a cutie pie!

Today is a golden day for the only and dearest sister I have in the whole wide world. It is special to her because it is her "golden" birthday and it special to me because it celebrates her. 

I don't have a gift for her yet, a golden day seems so unworthy of normal gifts. And so I wanted her to know that despite living a world apart I have not forgotten her and that she is the best sister any person could ever hope to have. 

And so my dear sister here the reasons I celebrate you in victorious, golden applause; because you- dear one have reached the "golden" age. (they are not in order of importance)
I love your hair!
  1. You are mine. Everyone needs a sister, but you really need one if you are female. Sisters have a bond unlike any other relationship on earth. Sisters understand, sisters feel with you, sisters laugh at and with you, sisters tell you the truth, sisters stand together.
  2. You are a dreamer. Everyone of us kids was and is a dreamer, but you top the cake in that your dreams were more wild than the rest of ours. I like that you dream big and wild! 
  3. You are passionate about Revelation. It is as if the things that scared me always fascinated you and it amazed me how you were so into everything Left Behind and End Times, etc. Your enthusiasm is admirable and I thank God that you know Him and serve Him. 
  4. Your excitement for the old-fashioned. I love how we always had such great fun watching Road to Avonlea and all kinds of old-fashioned movies. I love how we used to wear those lovely dresses and such- we have such lovely memories. Thanks!
  5. Making music together: I love how we both play the piano and sing. I loved how I used to get to accompany you on your solos and how we could just be together though music.
  6. You give great hugs. Or more like torture your sister squishes, but even though I complained, I'd sure love a good hug right now- wish we lived closer!
  7. You are a great friend. I never knew anyone who cared more for their friends and took care of those relationships better than you. You always have gone out of your way to spoil your friends. 
  8. Reading Together: Whether it were the walks we used to take where you read aloud or just talking about books we've read and when the movies are coming out or which version is the best I like that we both love to read.
  9. You are always in the loop: You seem to know the latest about everything, and are a source of information to those who need it :)
  10. Our adventures: We have seen so much, and done so much and traveled so much together. I love that we share that interest! 
  11. Your down to earth attitude. You aren't too proud or dignified to crawl on the floor with your nephew or be silly.
  12. Your silliness. You ability to be silly for fun and for the fun of others amazes me. I love how you are so free in yourself!
  13. Your frankness. I am always trying to be polite and nice and you aren't worried about that as much as I. You can be frank when it needs to be that way- that is awesome! 
  14. Your crazy ideas. You are a wonder for having wild dreams and ideas- but it is what makes you unique!
  15. Your curls. Do you know how many times I've wished I had curls like yours?!
  16. Your helpfulness. You are willing to help when you can, and have done so much for others over the years.
  17. You are so talented. Whether it is photography or music videos or music, God has blessed you and I love it when you use those gifts!
  18. You are beautiful. With your black curls, dark eyes and ivory skin you could be Snow White. You are lovely, from the inside out! NEVER forget that! Care for yourself dear one!
  19. You are a good Mommy! With your sweet little ones and your busy life you are doing an awesome job! 
  20. You are a fighter. Life hasn't been easy for you and even when it was calmer you have always been a fighter- seeking to reach your goals and aspirations and doing it the best you can!
  21. Your uniqueness. You are the only person I ever knew who wanted their room metallic gold and painted it that way- nothing better describes your golden personality than that :)
  22. You are fun. Every memory and thought of days spent together and things done with you makes me smile. That is who you are, you make others smile! 
  23. You believe. You want to think the best of people and believe in them, your acceptance of others helps them!
  24. You admit when you are wrong. We all make stupid mistakes- but a truly repentant heart is not often found. Thanks for being willing to say when you are wrong. Thanks for not letting pride reign in  your life.
  25. You do your best. Whatever it is required of you- making tacos, or photography or anything you do you give it your best shot! 
  26. You remember where you have been. I like that you treasure the past through photos and your music videos. You live today but with an understanding of who we were and what holds us together. Living today with our roots in yesterday is good as long as long as we don't get stuck there. Thanks for helping us all remember how we have become who we are!
  27. You are a drama queen.Crazy VBS roles were done better than anyone could have hoped. Your costumes, your acting, your YOU-ness :) You always have been the best drama queen I know!
The future is bright. I am so excited for future plans  we have and for the person you are becoming and will be as you follow your dreams that God has blessed you with!

I love you my dearest sister,  dressed in the golden splendor of 27 years well lived! 

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