Sunday, August 17, 2014

Choosing Films

When it comes to films for us or our kids I like to be careful what I spend my time, thoughts and attention on. Some may think what we watch doesn't influence us, but I strongly believe it does. Growing up I saw firsthand that what I watched would also influence my dreams- and so i am very careful with what I show my kids. 

But how can we know about a film before we watch it you may wonder? Do your research. Very rarely do I watch a film without having first read about it. I read the reviews and especially the parental reviews on this site. You simply look up the name of the film and then scroll down to the Parents Guide section. Here you can usually find a detailed list of the stuff in the film. From this I decide whether the film is something I want to spend my time watching or not. 

Another good source of reviews is Plugged In which has reviews on new films. 

As for choosing films for my kids I try not to show them anything I have not already seen or know to be good. 

How about you, how do you choose which movies you will watch or won't? 

Do you think what you watch influences you, why or why not? 

What is your favorite movie? I love getting suggestions on good ones to see :)


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  1. Mēs parasti filmas skatāmies kopā, tas nozīmē, ka, ja viņiem rodas kādi jautājumi es uz tiem varu atbildēt. Bieži vien arī pirms tad es esmu palasījusi atsauksmes, vai kāds man to ir ieteicis ;) Jā, es uzskatu, ka filmas mūs ietekmē, to pati jūtu uz sevi, kur nu vēl vairāk mūsu bērnus ;) kas ir patiesāki un dabiskāki. Es pat nezinu, vai man ir viena mīļākā filma, ir daudz labu ;)