Friday, August 29, 2014

My Jonah Day

This was a day that seemed off from the start.

Our 4 month old puppy decided she couldn't part with her man owner when he was driving to work and so she jumped the fence and chased his car. Good thing he saw this in his rear view mirror and he called me on the phone to come and help catch her. She had meanwhile chased another car in the opposite direction and was quite far. But to my surprise she DID come when I called her (we have worked on that alot). BUT of course she didn't come near enough to catch and so I started running backwards (like the books say- run away not towards). She veered past me and towards my husband who thankfully has LONG arms and just barely caught her. I reprimanded her. OOPS! I know you are supposed to make coming to the owner pleasant- but I was hopping mad.

All that happened while our two youngest were still in bed.

My middle child- our daughter woke up grouchy. We had numerous melt downs and she was sent to her room to fuss it out there. YUCK. I despise grouchy mornings, they are so contagious!

I was pinched on time to get ready for guests and nothing seemed to be going right.

My daughter needed an emergency bath. . . I was trying to mop the floors and other things.

Someone by 10:00 we had our lives in a bit of order and lunch was started.

Lunch went off well. Naptime arrived and my youngest didn't sleep. My daughter woke up grouchy again and so continued our evening.

But in the end the winds changed and the fussiness dissipated and somehow we survived the little grouchies in our home. We worked on recall with our dog until she was plumb tuckered out and ran to us immediately.

And now as I paint and listen to Anne of Avonlea I am thankful that God is present in our Jonah days- whether with big or small problems.

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