Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Perfect Hair-Brush- A Product Review

I have always had long hair. My hair is slightly wavy, fine and very prone to tangle. With 3 kids it seems I have little time for thorough grooming as often as before the kids came along.

The last time I was at the hairdressers she used a weird, hand-size, oval brush on my hair and said how great it was for detangling hair. I thought nothing of it until later. . .

I had thought after a trim and getting dry ends out my hair would be easier to manage, but within a week or so the tangling was as bad underneath as ever.

So I decided I needed a new brush. I have always used a boar bristle brush, they do ok on my hair. I started searching online for detangling brushes and found the Knot Genie, which also happened to be the same type of brush the hairdresser had recommended.

Knot Genie Brush Peaceful Purple

I read the reviews, and decided to get one for my daughter and I since keeping my hair tangle free has become more difficult than ever and my parents were coming over here.

I must say I have been pleasantly surprised with how great it does on my hair.

I have had it now for about 1 month and would recommend this to anyone who is fed up with their old brush and fighting to work the tangles out of their hair.

I love the fun color too for kids- and my daughter doesn't complain when I brush out her hair now either. So whats not to love?

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