Monday, May 19, 2014

Embarrassing The Angels

I have a daughter. She is 4.

My daughter is a brown eyed beauty with a love of fun, drawing, and right now swimsuits :)

My daughter has a very strong will and is very stubborn.

Raising this cherub has proved a roller coaster road so far with her strong will and my compliant one. Her Daddy is much better at managing her than I am.

I want to raise a daughter who is beautiful, healthy, strong in faith, independent, kind and a lady.

When I look at the world we are raising her in it is enough to make one shiver in ones boots.

We have two boys too and since we learned a lot from the book "Bringing up Boys" by Dr. Dobson I decided I needed to read the book "Bringing Up Girls."

I have read the first six chapters now and just finished the chapter with this article in it. Embarrassing the Angels. The article was so good that I wanted to share it and was so happy to have found it online.

So what you doing about a culture that is embarrassing the angels?

How are you raising your daughter to be a lady in the crazy, modern world?

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