Friday, April 25, 2014

Summer Skirts- In Silk

I am excited to share with you today the first of what I hope to be many silk pieces you will find in my shop in the future.

I have wanted to make silk clothing accessible for everyone. There are so many reasons to love silk, some of which are these:

- silk is the most natural of fabrics (for a Mama of a girl with extreme eczema this is SOMETHING).
-silk is extremely durable (remember parachutes were made of silk) .
-silk though cool as if wearing nothing in summer is warm in winter.
-silk makes you feel special. The caress of it on your skin is just amazing.

This is the first silk skirt that I have made in order to start experimenting in the world of hand painted silk clothing. I made this one for a friend of mine for a special birthday of hers.

First I stretched the silk in my huge frame, hand drew the designs and painted it with French dyes. The background is also done entirely with a one inch brush :)

Then it was steamed for 3 hours.

Then it was rinsed to get any reside out to avoid coloring in future washes.

Then it was ironed and sewn.

I loved painting it and making it and hope my friend knows how special she is when she wears this luxurious silk skirt. Perhaps one day I will have a photo to share of her here of her wearing it :)

Looking forward to painting many other designs in the months to come :)

How about you, would you wear a silk skirt?

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  1. Oh, Dear Elisabeth!!!! ;) I love these skirts! From the first day when I tried them, I love them so much! It is sooooo comfortable to wear it! And now it is so sunny days outside in Sweden, so I promise to you, I will make some really good photos and I will send you them, ok! ;) Thanks you, my dear friend!!!! Love you! I feels very, very special!