Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Man

A couple weeks back my man turned 40.

It seems with all the planning meeting everyone who wanted to greet the birthday boy we celebrated 2 weeks with at least 7 cakes.

I loved planning how to make his birthday special, which this year meant a scavenger hunt with 20 clues. It was fun surprising him, and celebrating with him.

But I want to thank God right now for this man he has given me. Here are some things I appreciate about you- no special order.

You are the most patient man I know. 
I love your dimples. 
I love that you can fix anything, wow! 
I love that you play with our kids. 
Your creativity and know-how amaze me.
I love so many things, and could list 40 here . . . 
but most of all I love you! 

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