Sunday, April 27, 2014

Marriage Advice #1

Hi there Friend.

If I were to have you here next to me. And we were to talk about the ups and downs of marriage. The good, bad and in between. This is what I would want to tell you that is all boils down to a lot of the time. NOT always, but often.

Don't boss your man!

Easy, right?

What about when you need him to do this and that and the other? How do you ask?

What about when you are expecting company and have a long list of things that need to be done, NOW?!

Shall we go on?

I find it true that often we women thing we know best when it comes to how to wash the baby, how to dress the kids, how to fix the meals, how to do whatever it is we do so well.

But if you start bossing your man he will turn tail and run (and do his own thing-his way), and let you do it on your own.

So dear friend- DON'T boss your man!

What do you say? What is a good piece of marriage advice you've got?


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