Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Pleasure is the compliment of a job well done,
the joy in the creation or sharing of a talent, 
the satisfaction in a glimpse or word of praise for something I created with love. 

Pleasure is the softness of a baby soft cheek next to mine, 
two soft sweet hands, 
and the heavenly aroma of a dear sweet babe. 

Pleasure is the pride and glow of a word first recognized, 
a word formed with faltering hand, 
and the accomplishment in knowing I was the teacher of my sweet child. 

Pleasure is the calm of a beautiful day, 
the warmth of the first rays of spring sunshine,  
and the scent of a damp earth welcoming the new life of spring. 

Pleasure is the contentment of a long evening, 
listening to the stories and songs of little voices, 
bound with love in the security of family. 

Pleasure is the nearness of ones we love, 
the warmth of a long embrace, 
and the kiss given in love. 

Pleasure is the security of future, 
the promise of hope, life and nearness, 
in the arms and home of the Living God.


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