Saturday, March 2, 2013

Household Personality

Today as I was reading our Bible study from our Couples Bible the topic was on the character of our homes/families.

The passage was the one where David wants to show kindness to the survivors of Saul and finds out about Mephibosheth. 2 Samuel  9 :1-12.

David wanted to have a household that showed kindness.

It was interesting to think about the personality of the household we are forming, and whether we are happy with that personality, what we like about it or dislike.

When I think about our home I think of it as being open, since we often have company. I have always wanted to have a home that is peaceful,  welcoming and cozy with wonderful smells and yummy food. A place where love abounds and joy is in abundance. I don't see from the outside what it is like coming to my home- I wonder what those who come hear often would say to describe the personality of our household. What is your household personality? Is it reserved, loud, spontaneous or planned?

Another question was to think of a household that to us exemplifies kindness. Immediately the home of my husband's cousin and his wife came to mind. Their home is always open to anyone who drops in. They seem to always receive a guest (planned or unplanned ) with kindness, openness. I am always so amazed by their joyful hospitality.

How about you?  Is your house and family a giver of kindness to those who cross its thresh hold or to those who come asking for your attention?

How would you describe the personality of your household?

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